Hello, good to see you!

I'm Bo from Bailey & Bo - House of Dogs and if you're reading this you're probably as crazy about dogs as I am.

I have made it my mission to equip your favorites with high-quality, practical and beautiful individual pieces.

Join the club.

Keine Fließbandware - 100% Handgemacht

Hervorragende Qualität mit hochwertigen Materialien, von Hand gefertigt als Zeichen der Wertschätzung für dein Tier.

Why Bailey & Bo - House of Dogs?

With every small business comes a personal touch.

We want to combine functionality and appearance. That's why we produce our leashes, collars, ropes and accessories with great skill and love.

  • unique
  • qualitative & tailor-made
  • personal touch
  • trustworthy and transparent

Our aim is to be there for you personally and to support you with your choice. We especially love our customer loyalty with you and your loved ones.

You can be sure with Bailey & Bo | House of Dogs offers you the same level of customer service as your favorite little boutique.