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Activities for dogs

The right balance between activity and rest for your dog

Finding the right balance between exercise and rest for your dog can be very difficult, especially because dogs' needs are often very individual. It is important not to overwhelm or underwhelm your four-legged friends. In addition to sufficient rest periods, varied activities are very important. Dogs should not only be physically active, but also mentally, socially and, if necessary, depending on their breed. In this article, you will learn how to properly exercise your four-legged friend, what you should pay attention to and what types of dog activities there are so that you can offer your four-legged friend a varied everyday life.

Licking mats: The perfect helper for mental stimulation

Licking mats are a fantastic tool for mentally challenging your dog while calming them down. Not only are they a wonderful way to keep your dog occupied, but they also offer numerous health benefits. Licking stimulates the production of saliva, which aids digestion and keeps teeth clean. Licking also has a calming effect on dogs and can reduce stress.

Why Bailey & Bo lick mats are so effective

Lick mats have small indentations that can be filled with treats. This arrangement forces your dog to take his time getting to the food, which keeps him mentally stimulated. This is especially useful if your dog is home alone or needs a quiet activity.

How to use lick mats optimally

  1. Variety : Fill the lick mat with different treats such as yogurt, peanut butter (without xylitol), pureed fruit or special dog food. Make sure that the ingredients are suitable for dogs.

  2. Refrigerate or freeze : For longer entertainment, you can put the filled lick mat in the fridge or freezer. This makes it harder for your dog to get to the treats and extends the entertainment time.

  3. Regular cleaning : Make sure to clean the licking mat thoroughly after each use to ensure hygiene.

How do I properly exercise my dog?

Physical and mental workload

In addition to physical exercise through walks or dog sports such as agility or canicross, mental exercise plays a major role. This is where lick mats come into play. They promote concentration and offer meaningful activity.

Social contacts

Dogs don't have to greet every other dog, but social contact can be very important. Playing with other dogs promotes social skills and provides variety.

Breed-specific activities

Some dogs were bred for specific tasks. Hunting dogs, for example, often enjoy dummy work or nose work. Think about what breed-specific activities your dog might enjoy.

The importance of rest periods

Dogs need a lot of sleep and rest to process what they have experienced. On average, dogs sleep about 20 hours a day, which includes dozing and resting. Make sure you offer your dog plenty of places to retreat and comfortable places to sleep.


The right balance between exercise and rest is essential for your dog's well-being. Licking mats are a great way to mentally challenge your dog while offering him rest and relaxation. Combine this with physical activity and social interaction and you have the perfect foundation for a happy and balanced dog.

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