Which dog leash suits my dog?

Dog leashes

There are a variety of dog leashes on the market with different advantages and/or disadvantages.

Which dog leash suits my dog?

If you want to choose a suitable leash for your dog, it is important to know what type of leash will suit you and your needs or those of your dog. There are a variety of dog leashes on the market with avoided advantages and/or disadvantages.

Our most popular type of leashes are paracord leashes because they are particularly robust, durable, waterproof and easy to clean. They have an incredibly high breaking strength and are suitable for wind and weather. Theoretically, you could even hang yourself on a leash and it would let you down brightly.

The different dog leashes:

On the one hand, as mentioned above, we have our paracord dog leashes, which are available in a wide variety of lengths, colors and designs. This also includes the short city lines with approx. 1.50m - 1.60m. This leash is the most comfortable to use for both you and your dog because the paracord is not only durable but also extremely light.

Then of course there are our leather leashes , which have a particularly soft quality and are handmade by us in Germany, like all of our products.
The leather leashes are robust, light and break-resistant. The soft leather makes our leather leashes very comfortable to hold and the greasing makes the leashes water-repellent. By the way, we recommend regular greasing to ensure that your leather leashes last for a long time.

Depending on the weight, there are different thicknesses of leather:

For 1 - 10 kilograms we recommend 8mm wide leather

For 10 - 35 kilograms we recommend 12mm wide leather

For 35 - 60 kilograms we recommend 15mm wide leather

Then we have our favorite, the dog leashes made of rope or PPM rope. With this line variant, just like with paracord, it is almost impossible to break it. The material is extremely light, waterproof, floats in the water and super robust, and it is extremely comfortable to hold. The rope line is available in different thicknesses 8mm and 10mm, it depends on whether you want to have a little more in your hand or a little less. As a standard, we recommend the 8mm leash to dog owners with small dogs, as it is a little lighter and “pulls” a little less on the handrail of the little furry friends.

We know that with so much choice on the market, it is extremely difficult to find the right dog leash for dog owners and dogs. With the right selection of your needs, you will also find the right leash. If you still have questions, please write to us and we will advise you on your selection.

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