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Fat leather braided leash ' Golden Country ' Brown / Mud / Gold

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Fat leather braided leash ' Golden Country ' Brown / Mud / Gold

The braided unique fat leather leash 'Golden Country' is an absolute eye-catcher.

With the colors brown, mud and gold, our handmade leather leash presents itself as a true masterpiece.

This unique braided leash measures an impressive 1.80 meters or 2.50 meters and is one of a kind. The brown fat leather leash is made of soft cowhide, which is not only extremely robust but also wonderfully supple.

The individually adjustable dog leash offers flexible adjustment options thanks to the artfully woven rings. Whether short, medium or long - you can adjust the length of the leash as needed.

Equipped with a sturdy brass bolt snap hook, the fat leather leash combines functionality and elegance. Its flexibility means it can be conveniently stored in a jacket pocket when not in use or simply worn crossbody. The fat leather is almost waterproof thanks to special processing and heavy greasing and remains supple for a long time.

The advantages of the dog-naturally fat leather leash at a glance:

  • Excellent quality made in Germany
  • Particularly soft and comfortable in the hand
  • Made from one piece of leather and therefore extremely stable
  • Easy to care for – occasional greasing or oiling is sufficient
  • Carabiner that matches the width – no disproportionate hooks
  • Sturdy brass carabiner
  • Thanks to the greasing, water-repellent and almost waterproof
  • Lightweight, yet extremely robust and tear-resistant

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Your dog’s safety is our top priority. Therefore, our models are not suitable for dogs that show leash-aggressive behavior.

Please note that the gold may lose its shine over time. Some products have coated hardware (colored hardware), which may wear over time depending on use.

Colors in the image may vary slightly from those of the actual product.

Recommendation measuring neck circumference

Place the tape measure where the collar will be worn, making sure that 1-2 fingers fit between the neck and the tape measure. The collar should not be too tight and your dog should not be able to take it off over his head on his own.

The table with 'up to 40cm', 'up to 50cm' etc. serves as a guideline for the price.

For example, if your sweetheart has a neck circumference of 46 cm, please enter "up to 50 cm" and the exact information again in the text field below.

Shipping Info | Production time

Our handmade products are lovingly handcrafted and tailored exactly to your personal ideas. Each product therefore has its own delivery times, but we always strive to ensure that your order usually arrives within 3 weeks at the latest.


To ensure the longevity of your Tau/Biothane/Paracord piece, we recommend cleaning it gently with a soft brush under lukewarm water if it becomes dirty. For more stubborn stains, you can put the rope/biothane/paracord piece in a laundry bag and wash it in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

We recommend regular greasing for a long-lasting leather product.

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